Improving benefits for employees and you
Employers now have options for how to design and deliver retirement benefits, and High Probability Advisors can help you make the best choice for your business. Our services for retirement plans include:
  • Fee & Fiduciary Review
  • Single Employer Retirement Plan Advisory
  • Pooled Employer Plans—The Logical Retirement Solution®
Single-Employer retirement plans
that work for you and your employees
We raise the probability of success for plan sponsors and participants by partnering with competitively priced, open-architecture retirement plan providers and offering ongoing plan monitoring, due diligence, maintenance and participant education across the full range of retirement plans:
  • 401(k)
  • 403(b)
  • Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Cash Balance
  • Individual / Solo 401(k) plans
Helping you balance benefits and risks year after year

We deliver increased fiduciary protection with 3(38) discretionary advisor services on all 401(k) plans. This is the highest level of liability that can be shifted from the shoulders of the employer to the advisor for investment management.

With High Probability Advisors you can offer a two-tier menu of low-cost investment options

Keeping costs low is one of the most impactful ways to improve participant results over the long-term.

The Logical Retirement Solution®
There is no other way to describe our Pooled Employer Plan solution but logical. You never set out be in the 401(k)-plan sponsor business, and there’s now a way you can stay focused on your real priorities. With The Logical Retirement Solution®, you get all the advantages of your current retirement plan to attract and retain talent and help employees retire on time with dignity. Plus, your plan’s services are delivered by the senior staff at High Probability Advisors, TRG Fiduciary, and Touchstone Retirement Group with decades of experience in providing fiduciary services to multiple employer plans.
Logo logical retirement solution
Eliminate all the challenges of being a plan sponsor:
  • Diverting valuable time to select and monitor investments, advisors, administrators and record keepers
  • Spending money on plan document updates and audit fees
  • Shouldering the fiduciary burden of your company’s plan
Enjoy the benefits of The Logical Retirement Solution®:
  • The scalability of multiple plans to lower plan responsibilities and costs
  • Flexible plan design to incorporate the important aspects of your current plan
  • A straightforward investment menu to lessen participant confusion and improve participant decision-making
  • Low-cost, passive funds representing distinct asset classes for participants to build their personal asset allocation
  • Both age-based and risk-based lifecycle options are available for participants wishing to delegate their investment decisions to investment professionals

Maximize participation with dynamic web site and ongoing support, powered by iJoin®, offers participants secure, mobile-friendly capabilities, including: online enrollment, retirement planning & account management.

High Probability Advisors provides educational seminars and ongoing support to participants, with a focus on the value of the benefits provided by you as their employer and the importance of staying on course with their retirement savings plan.


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