Increase your
probability of success

A better way
to achieve your goals

We understand that our relationships with clients are about more than money. We know our clients want to feel confident in their financial futures most of all, and our staff must play a part. That’s what drove us to create High Probability Advisors.

A better way to manage your investments:

  • Goals based allocations
  • Low-cost, tax-efficient, factor-driven selection
  • Grounding in behavioral finance principles
  • Validation by academic research
  • Robust risk management process

A better way to serve each client:

  • Fiduciary responsibility
  • Robust objective setting
  • Low-cost, tax-efficient, transparent processes
  • Turnkey implementation
  • Timely communication
High Probability advisors

Everyone has different goals. Whether you are growing or protecting family wealth, managing the risks of a not-for-profit or foundation endowment, assuring business viability and income, or providing a retirement benefit to employees, you can achieve a high probability of reaching your goal when you engage one firm that checks all the boxes.

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Call (585) 485-0135 to discuss how a factor-based approach could pay off for you.

Business Leaders
Who Understand Business Leaders

Our leadership includes members of the Rochester Business Hall of Fame, a Businessperson of the Year, and the Co-CEO of a public company. It’s not surprising that most of our clients lead enterprises themselves. They know we understand their challenges and can free them to focus on the complexities of their own lives. We help them grow and protect their valuable assets as high-net worth individuals and enable them to offer more effective and attractive retirement programs for their employees.

A Tailored
advisory Process

We provide three unique advisory processes to match the unique needs of each type of client. Each process is built around your ultimate goals.

Factor-Based Investing
Upgrade Your Strategy

Active investing might give you the opportunity to outperform the market, but you have to face the associated risks and tax implications.

Active graphic

Passive investing may lower your risk and taxes, but it is literally tied to overall market performance.

Passive graphic

Only Factor-based Investing offers the higher probability of outperforming the market while managing risk and taxes.

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Call (585) 485-0135 to discuss how a factor-based approach could pay off for you.