Helping businesses do more with the success they’ve achieved
Imagine if you could maximize the returns on the assets you’ve already earned. Does your business have cash sitting idle in accounts earning minimal interest? Do you have cash earmarked for future projects or ownership distributions that could be working harder for you today? That’s where High Probability Advisors can make a substantial difference. Our services to corporations include: • Corporate Cash Management
Balancing your future goals with your current needs is our expertise

Each of our strategies for corporations is customized to your business objectives and goals for the balance sheet’s liquid assets, and they all include tax-efficient investment options for short-term, intermediate-term, or more long-term investments. We strategically pinpoint yield and risk characteristics that are appropriate given the expected cash flows of the corporate cash. In fact, our highly liquid strategy provides cash within 1-3 business days.

Start with deep analysis and end with highest-possible returns

We provide thorough asset allocation for every account and examine the expected future cash flows of corporate cash to perfectly position the assets for as much growth as is appropriate given the risk level. We can customize the duration and credit quality to suit the needs of the assets, and follow a low-turnover, highly tax-efficient investment process aiming for the highest possible after-tax returns while maintaining access to needed funds.


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